Digital Marketing Resources


Keyword Research

Keyword Magic
Reddit Keyword Research Tool (extract keywords from subreddits)
Answer The Public (keyword ideas from Google autocomplete)
Merge Words (construct keyword lists)
Keyword Mixer (similar to Merge Words, with dedupe)
Keyword Shitter
LSI Graph (Latent Semantic Indexing)


SERP Snippet Optimiser
Duplicate Content Checker
Online Thesaurus
Semantic HTML5 for Content
Readability Test
Hemingway App (readability indicator)


SERP Checker (10 keywords free)
Topic Relevancy Checker

Link Building

Ahrefs Backlink Checker (free report of top 100 backlinks)
Google Reverse Image Search
Image Raider Reverse Search
TinEye Reverse Image Search
Link Building Ideas

Local SEO

Moz Local Ranking Factors Survey
Localize Search Results
Google Ad Preview Tool

Algorithm Tracking

Mozcast Weather Report
Google Algorithm Change History (Moz)
Algoroo by DEJAN
Google Updates Calendar (Bronco)

Competitor Analysis

BuiltWith (technologies and tools)
SimilarWeb (traffic, channels, competition)

Conversion Optimisation

“By changing ______ to ______, I can get more prospects to ______ and consequently increase conversions.”

Ideas & Inspiration

Baymard Top 100 Checkouts
Page Fights

Useful Tools

Statistical Significance Calculator
Test Duration Calculator

Useful Posts

Google Analytics Content Experiments
Content Experiments on WordPress
91 Point CRO Checklist
23 A/B Testing Tips


Htaccess Redirect/Rewrite Generator

Responsive Design

Responsive Embed Codes


JSON-LD Schema Generator For SEO

Page Speed

Page Speed Insights (Google)
Test My Site (Google)
DareBoost (Web Performance, SEO, Security, Quality and more)
Page Speed Test
Pingdom Free Speed Test
CSS Minifier (image compression)
Portent Page Speed Guide


Regex 101 (regex tester and debugger) (various web performance tools from Google)
Beam Us Up (free crawling spider)
Chrome Broken Link Highlighter
Varvy SEO Tool


Colour Blind Simulator


Google RAIL model (Response, Animation, Idle, Load)
Can I Use…?
Google Assistant & Voice Search (PDF download of quality guidelines)

General Opportunities

Brand Bucket
Expired Domains
Just Dropped


Webinar Times (Convert USA to GMT)
Extract Google SERPs (set up bookmarklet)
Get website email addresses (100 searches p/m free)


Google Advanced Search Operators
Let’s Encrypt Free SSL/TLS Certificates
Social Media Image Sizes
Refine Google Custom Search
Google Sheets Formulas

HTML Codes

non-breaking space 

Full List of HTML Codes
HTML Codes Search Function
UTF-8 Geometric Shapes